Tell Congress that you stand with Planned Parenthood

We've seen this all before. We've fought it, and we've won. And we won't stop fighting this time.

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5 Facts about the Latest Video Smear Attack

FACT: The full, 2.5-hour video shows selective editing that twists and distorts what was said on the tape.

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Gynotician Alert: Scott Walker Edition

Scott Walker just announced his presidential bid. Yet he is still doing what he does best: promising to further restrict abortion.

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It's Time to End Political Restrictions on Abortion Coverage

Tell your representative to co-sponsor the EACH Woman Act so that every woman can fully access the services she needs, no matter her income or source of health insurance.

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Congress is moving to end nation’s family planning program

Four years after we stopped them our opponents are at it again. Tell Congress: Don't cut Title X!

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I will fight for women’s full equality in health care access.

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 The Planned Parenthood® Action Fund which owns and operates, is a national not-for-profit organization. The Action Fund is the nonpartisan advocacy and political arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

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